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Two tips to follow if you want to make art but live in a tiny apartment

If you want to make art but you live in a tiny apartment, here are some tips to follow.

Look for watercolour paint sets at your nearby arts and crafts stores

If space is an issue for you, you should look for watercolour paint sets in an arts and crafts store. The reason for this is that these sets often have around ten or more colours in one compact palette. This not only usually makes them less expensive than buying individual tubes of watercolour paint but also means that when you're finished painting and are ready to put your supplies away, you can easily fit this item into a very small storage area as, instead of having to find space for ten or more separate tubes of paint, you only need to find room for one compact item.

Furthermore, unlike tubes of paint which have irregular shapes that become even more irregular when you squeeze paint out of them, and that can, therefore, be tricky to squeeze into small spaces, a watercolour paint set that comes in the form of a palette normally has a regular rectangular shape that makes it easy to, for example, slide between some books on a shelf or in a little drawer.

Lastly, because watercolour paint is designed to be heavily diluted and sheered out with water when applied to paper or canvas, you don't need to use very much of it in one go. As such, even if, due to storage constraints, you have to opt for the smallest available set at the arts and crafts store, you should find that the modest amount of paints in one of these sets lasts you a long time.

Find an online arts and crafts store that has does one-day delivery

Another way to get around this issue is to look for an online art supply store whose delivery times are very fast (such as an online shop that can deliver items within a day or so). The reason for this is that, depending on what medium you choose to work with, you might go through certain supplies quite quickly (like drawing paper or canvases, for example).

If your home is small, you might only be able to store one pad or a couple of canvases in it at any one time. Because of this, you won't be able to keep any backup supplies in your home. However, if you can find an online art supply store that can deliver new art supplies within 24 hours after you order them, this won't be much of an issue. If, for example, you realise you've run out of drawing paper just as inspiration strikes and you're eager to do some sketching, you can place an order and get some new drawing paper by the next day, instead of having to wait several days or trek into your local city to pick up some paper in person.

Check out a local arts and crafts store to find the art supplies you need.